Monday sees the release of “Doctors and Dates (Acoustic), a new single by Different Circle artist ‘DAVE HUGHES’. This release, digitally through bandcamp, features an acoustic re-working of the title track to the March’s Doctors and Dates mini-album, and two freshly recorded B-sides.

The single and B-sides were recorded in August in Glasgow as part of a project to re-record an early Dave Hughes album with new studio equipment and six years of hindsight. As with the full band Doctors and Dates’s EP, the single was produced and engineered by Gareth McNicol.

Tracklisting: 1. Doctors and Dates 2. Daddy fought the Law 3. Dancing Two-Step

Regarding the song ‘Doctors and Dates’, Dave say’s “Shortly after the In Death Do We Part? Tour, I entered therapy to deal with many, many years of running away from issues that had haunted my personality. The track, written while I was living in Brooklyn (NYC), deals with this ongoing process.”

The single is on-sale on a Pay-What-You-Want-If-You-Want basis now from

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Dave Hughes finishes off a busy 2014 with two final shows. Friday 21st November – Canon’s Gait, Royal Mile, Edinburgh Sunday 28th November – Book Yer Ane Fest, Kage Nightclub, Dundee