#savethebluechair Our Home, Our Hub

Until we discovered The Blue Chair on High St in GLasgow, we were just a run of the mill online record label which you find ten a penny for on the internet. We put out records by acts that interested us, and hoped that people would listen to our online shouts and eventually we’d gather momentum.

Then we found, via a friend’s birthday party, The Blue Chair and everything changed. Lorrelle (the brilliantly eccentric owner) was more than welcome to our idea of having a monthly acoustic night that could bring a touring act to play a 40 capacity (intimate, said our marketing) show that was Kinda Folk, Kinda Punk, Kinda Not. From here, we established a hub whereby we could direct people towards if they wanted to find out more about being on the Different Circle Record label, or playing one of our shows, or even just hangout for the evening with handpicked, curated live music.

We saw the attendance at our night (2nd Friday of every month) increase steadily, and through that the sales of our records has increased, and we’ve felt like we’ve been making a difference to Glasgow’s music scene. Our scene. Or at least part of it. We’ve used the Chair as a venue for launch nights, meetings and video shoots. It’s part of what Different Circle Records is.

Unfortunately, due to the constraints of an overtly capitalist business mentality of our lovely City’s Council, this is all under threat. An unreasonable demand for a small business to turn a profit in their first year is risking the platform which The Blue Chair provides to us and many other communities that use as a hub.

You can help out by attending events held at The Blue Chair (easily found on their Facebook page), writing to the council and City Property, and contributing to the Save the Blue Chair indiegogo fund. Money doesn’t solve all the problems, but it sure can help.

We are working on our own fundraising idea for the Blue Chair, based on our large archive of live bootlegs recorded at our monthly nights. We should hopefully have an announcement in the coming days.

Let’s not lose a good thing, yeah?