Doctors And Dates - Dave Hughes & The RFPB

About Doctors And Dates

Doctors and Dates is seven explosive new tracks from ‘Dave Hughes & The RFPB’ detailing personal battles with depression, addiction, relationships and restoration.

Pounding opener “City of Us” sets up the mind as a city on the verge of collapse, while the New Jersey sounding title track cuts right to the heart of confronting your own fears of the unknown.

“Luath St Stories” is a mini folk-punk opera acted out on the streets of Govan in Glasgow where, amid self-doubt and ultra-violence, a silver lining can be found. All wrapped up in the catchy and singalong choruses that the RFPB have became known for up and down the country.

Track Listing
  1. City of Us
  2. Luath St Stories
  3. The Boneman
  4. Call Off The Coastguards
  5. Doctors and Dates
  6. Queen of the Drama Queens
  7. History, Sis'

Dave Hughes - vocals, guitars, harmonicas
Dan Irving - Bass
Woody - drums, percussion, backing vocals and harmonies
All music written and arranged by the RFPB, lyrics by Dave Hughes.

Produced by Dave Hughes & The RFPB, and Gareth McNicol
Engineered by Gareth McNicol and Derek Connel
Mixed by Gareth McNicol and Dave Hughes
Artwork by Lisa Marie Thomson (Free Dantes)

About Dave Hughes & The RFPB

Dave Hughes is a riotous folksinger who has had his music described as ‘punk rock political folk songs’. Dave tours the UK twice each year, and has shared bills with many established artists such as Frank Turner, Larry and His Flask and The Wonder Stuff