In Death Do We Part - Dave Hughes & The RFPB

About In Death Do We Part

Featuring 12 brand new recordings of Renegade Folk Punk Band goodness, including the single As You Are (featuring Chris T-T) and live favourites such as The Replacement, Backwards We Play and Tacitus.

Based loosely around the concept of death, this is an album not so much about what happens when we die, but more about what happens to those we leave behind.

We first entered the studio and clicked ‘record’ in March 2012, and a year later on 18th of March 2013, we released our brand new album ‘In Death Do We Part?’. We had been playing live as a band for 4 years by this time, but hadn’t ever recorded properly together; so we wrote a bunch of new songs and also chose some of our favourite songs to play live to make this album.

Track Listing
  1. Spirit Mahone 03:01
  2. The Sinner and The Saints 03:07
  3. The Replacement 02:13
  4. Tacitus 02:27
  5. Evermore 03:02
  6. As You Are (feat. Chris T-T) 03:47
  7. Backwards We Play 03:13
  8. Malaga Airport 03:24
  9. She Dreams of Toronto 03:12
  10. Paradise (This City) 03:57
  11. Crutch 03:32
  12. I Thought You Knew 03:53

Guitars/Vocals/Piano/Synths - Dave Hughes Drums/Vocals - Woody Bass - Daniel Irving Backing Vocals/Claps - Rachael Leitch Crowd in Spirit Mahone - Live @ 13th Note, 4th December 2012 Mandolin on Spirit Mahone - Dan Hughes Piano on As You Are - Chris T-T Produced/Recorded by Gareth McNicol & Dave Hughes Mastered by Richard Montag All lyrics by Dave Hughes, music by Dave Hughes & The Renegade Folk Punk Band

About Dave Hughes & The RFPB

Dave Hughes is a riotous folksinger who has had his music described as ‘punk rock political folk songs’. Dave tours the UK twice each year, and has shared bills with many established artists such as Frank Turner, Larry and His Flask and The Wonder Stuff