Kettle Rebellion - Kettle Rebellion

About Kettle Rebellion

Before Mischief Brew were Mischief Brew, a secret history was stolen from them. That history went by the name of “Kettle Rebellion”, and is a collection of proto-Mischief Brew recordings from January 2002. The release is notable because the recordings were stolen from the band shortly after being recorded and were thought to be lost forever. We are happy to finally officially release the Kettle Rebellion, fully sequenced, mastered, with correct track-names on a lovely CD-Digipak with full liner notes

Track Listing
  1. Seeking The Brave
  2. Victory Dance Of The Outlanders
  3. A Liquor Never Brewed
  4. Away With Purity
  5. Barratry Call
  6. The Master Is A Drunkard
  7. Doomsday Evening
  8. Storming The Sandcastles

Erik Petersen - Voice, guitar, mandolin
Jon Foy - Bass, voice
Chris "Doc" Kulp - Drums, percussion, voice, gong, bugle

About Kettle Rebellion

Since “Mirth: or, Certain Verses Composed and Fitted to Tunes, for the Delight and Recreation of All,” an eight-song demo cassette of acoustic punk influenced by medieval danses and raucous dust-raisers Mischief Brew have done numerous U.S. and European tours and have played everywhere from the Electric Factory in Philly to old bomb shelters in Germany.