The Wrong Shall Fail - Roscoe Vacant and the Screichs

About The Wrong Shall Fail

The Wrong Shall Fail - An unfinished album by Roscoe Vacant and the Screichs. Twelve tracks of alt-punk-folk from the Ayrshire Valleys.

Track Listing
  1. An Answer Will Come 03:48
  2. Between Broken Computers 03:50
  3. Torch 02:33
  4. Daughter of the Valley 03:20
  5. Conrad Brooks 02:35
  6. The Homecoming 04:11
  7. Rise and Collapse 03:27
  8. You Can't Win (Demo) 02:04
  9. Exit Strategy (Demo) 02:59
  10. Neon Plexus (Demo) 06:00
  11. Diana (Demo) 05:12

All songs written by Roscoe Vacant and the Screichs. Recorded and Mixed by Tommy Duffin, 16 Ohm Studios, Glasgow. Additional overdub recording by RV, DB, and JG. Demo tracks were recorded to cassette in Norry's Loft between October 2012 and May 2013
Roscoe Vacant and the Screichs were:
r.v. - vocals, arrhythmic guitar, keyboard
David Burns - bass, guitar, backing vocals
Norman Wilson - Drums, Backing Vocals
John Grant - fiddle
Ross Gilchrist - guitar, backing vocals.

About Roscoe Vacant and the Screichs

Roscoe Vacant & The Screichs were an acoustic punk/alt.punk band based in South West Scotland.